Long crypto woes 

Has anyone worked with support before? When trying to sell some lumens on paxful the other day I ended up sending them to their MasterWallet due to a lack of memo pointing to the buying user's ID, and the last two days have made me miss phone support.

1) I cannot make an account on, only, and while their supports seem to use the same zendesk account, they also claim to be unrelated companies. Dafuq?

2) They ask for a few specifics like the two wallets involved, memo on the transaction, and the transaction ID itself, ezpz, I shoot that email off.

3) They email me back asking if they can take a fifth of a cent worth of to pay their intern to find my crypto and return it. There's no button for me to give legally valid permission so I just email reply "ye go ahead"

4) I wake up to an email from them, thinking it'll say "We sent your lumens!" Nope. It says "we don't have your email in our system over here...".

Long crypto woes 

4) [cont] All I could do was email them back. "I don't see why I'd need an account with you to get my crypto sent back to whence it came. I don't see why this is taking three days. I don't see why you'd only take a fifth of a cent fee if the job is actually of any difficulty at all. I don't see why we're having this 5 minute phone call over 2 days of emails. It's literally cryptocurrency, it's instantaneous.

So, what do I do? Keep waiting on the emails, or try DMing them on birdsite or something?

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