Newly refreshed news account for Sunbeam City.

Admin team is @RadioAngel, @kawaiipunk, @squeakypancakes and @liaizon

We had a meeting last week and decided some things. Rough notes here:

We will start having community meetings the last Sunday of each month at 11 Pacific / 12 Mountain / 1 CST / 2 EST

We want more people involved in the instance.

@efflorescence @News @RadioAngel @kawaiipunk @squeakypancakes great to hear! we are not planning on another meeting till the end of October, but that doesn't mean we cant start thinking of whats next.

We really want to tighten up the community after last years almost end... So we started with the four of us who we are certain are members and then going forward we can all agree to add more people on. We decided on 'consensus minus one' for now as how we are making decisions.

@liaizon i wasn’t actually around for that, did someone write a summary of what happened or am i just imagining seeing a piece of it?

@efflorescence oh you mean a summery of the downfall? there were some written at the time

@liaizon yes that! i worded it poorly, sorry. I've read the meeting notes already :blobcatfingerguns:

@efflorescence you would have to go look through old posts. it was mainly there were some serious conversations about how to move the collective away from being run by white people only and there were a bunch of disagreements and then the person who was admining it got tired of it and said fuck it, its being shut down in 24 hours. So I stepped in and took responsibility for the keys etc till we figure out the future.

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Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.