Been binge-watching Star Trek TNG today (still got the covid pretty hard) and the episode where Data starts acting like Sherlock Holmes is impossibly cute.

The era-defining 80s TV series, Miami Vice, had some absolutely incredible scenes from the very first episode. You can definitely see Mann's fingerprints all over the show. Check out this shot!

Just found out Stafford Beer's archive is hosted in... LIVERPOOL?!?!?!

Right, just back from Germany... anything happen while I was away?

Beloved chaos,

We create "Open Source Gardens" and introduce people to #OpenSource (philosophy, seeds, software & hardware) in a horticultural way. We share knowledge about #DIY gardening and want to grow together into a strong community. In the garden and online.

So far we have been growing our seeds on a lovely #Solarpunk instance called and also had the pleasure to plant gardens at #RC3.

Now we very much look forward to further grow within your lovely chaos <3


So I left Liverpool this morning, getting a train to London so I can get a train to Germany. It'll be a 16hr trip in total... Guess who left their headphones in Liverpool...

#pride #bashback

Happy appropriation month! Can’t wait to see all planet-killing, sweatshop-owning, slavery-endorsing, racist, imperialist, misogynist, genocidal, child-abusing, war-profiteering scumfucks pretend to give a shit about queer folks as a shameless gimmick to procure cheap marketing.. Here’s hoping for a summer of burning cop cars, smashed windows, bleeding fascists, bankrupt mega-corps, crashing stock-markets, crumbling empires, glorious revolts, and you know, fabulous outfits.

This reminds me of a time I was explaining my dog's name to a guy in a park when he interrupted me with "I know who Barcus Aurelius was!"


when guys on dating apps ask me who my favourite philosopher is i make up a random german sounding name. half of the time they “oh yeah i’ve read some of his stuff”


Watching Paddington 2 and, wow, I never thought I'd say anything Zizekly, but this is actually Pure Ideology.

So I'm in a place called Stone and I've never seen anywhere so horny for the Queen's Jubilee. Get that out if your adorable town, imo.

There's an incred Radical Landscapes exhibition at the Tate in Liverpool. Defo recommend a visit if you're nearby.

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