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Do parties serve any function other than to intensify feelings of alienation?

So I just watched House Of Gucci and, to be honest, I wasn't expecting much going in. Turns out it's pretty well done! The characters avoid becoming two dimensional tropes and I think there's some really interesting social narratives at play. Well worth a watch imo.

Interested in books, Marxism, the iww, or other leftist projects? Live in Liverpool? Come to the book fair in Casa tomorrow from 11 - 4! I'll be speaking at the event and standing at our stall!

Turns out women can't light cigarettes in the new Cowboy Bebop?

I recently decided to go all-in on trying to have a "writing career" without giving in to monopolistic corporations like Amazon and Google.

I'm selling my fiction directly to fans, Patreon-style, instead of putting myself thru the endless stress of subbing to magazines.

Check it out!

I'm using open-source software, no cookies or trackers. The only "middleman" is the credit card processor (stripe).

I'm really proud of myself.

So I'm rereading Kropotkin's The Conquest of Bread and j just got to the bit where he says 'with this watchword of Bread for All the revolution will triumph'... I'm trying to watch my carb intake and would be more on board if it were changed to 'Huel for All'.

Oh, I see xmpp is trending today... a whole day after I started using it! Coincidence? Probably...

Turns out there are some apps that cost money on Google Play that are free on F-Droid... like the xmpp app, 'Conversations' for one... I saved myself £3! That'll go almost all the way to a cup of coffee!

Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder

Pretty simple add any pay walled URL to
12ft.io/ and boom you are reading that shit.

So, having some """unplanned""" time off has determined that I watch YouTube video essays until midday. I'm watching one by Adam Something and, wow, do they shit up the positive/negative liberty distinction. Essay is otherwise fine, tho. Hmu with some youtuber recs. Not Vaush, plz.

So I started using Element and it seems to have a quasi social media function. Turns out there are some IWW rooms on there, too.

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