Pixelated blood and graphic imagery, this is a pixel art recreation of a scene from Little Shop Of Horrors

I'm on the mobile site, so I hope the image descriptions work. I'm new to adding them, so if I need to be more clear, please let me know! This is a 3D companion cube made entirely from perler beads. It took thousands of beads, dozens of hours, and a lot of glue. But it was a great gift, and my friend loved it!

A commission for my one-day sister-in-law! This is Otus from Owlboy. The original sprite is on the left, with my recreation in perler beads on the right. I followed a pattern for his body, but the hat and feather were freehanded. Hopefully I'll get this guy done tomorrow!

Amazing Fantasy #15 was the first appearance of -Man! My recreation isn't perfect, but I think it looks good! The original design was by Kyle McCoy, I just followed his pattern and advice from his video. His YouTube is fantastic~

Glooooowwwww. I actually really like these earrings. Maybe I should make ones of Tatl and Tael too. I also made a mini shield on a 5x7 canvas about a year ago for my fiance, they loved it!

Some old photos of one of my first commissions, Sans and Papyrus from ! Sans is about 15 inches, and Papyrus is nearly 23. They took *so many beads*

The art table, before and after a day of work! I didn't get a whole lot don't today, but I think I did okay, for the few hours I was working! Assembly is gonna be a birch with so many small parts

Pls enjoy my silly art from the past few days. The portal one isn't finished quite yet, but almost! I'm working on some more today, but it's slow going because I am in Pain

An hour ago, I wanted apple juice. Now I have apple juice. Follow your dreams.

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