The most popular trading card game is entirely open source. It's "owned" by a loose coalition of judges and tournament organisers, who publish the main tournament rules and valid cards for those tournaments.

The cards themselves are published by small print shops, who get their own information on how to avoid their card banned in tournaments. To use MTG as an example, maybe one mana shouldn't buy more than 2/2 or something equivalent.

This wpuld allow a far more dynamic game, and while maybe it would be hard to balance it would allow far more local game scenes without insane costs. Maybe special cards could be released in bubble gum packs like they were back in the day IDW.

@MrControll Thinking back to college when I made a whole set of MTG cards based on my friend group. Or when my friend made a set based on characters at our larp.

It was fun just to make them but it would be so awesome to actually use those cards.

You enter some tournament and your opponent come out with their best card and the picture is a photo of their best friend in a costume all edited to make them look like they use powerful magic. That would be so fucking cool.

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