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I think the best way to summarize my political position would be: For the common people... but they really need a better education.

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Can you be nostalgic for a time that never happened? I grew up in a forested area, but with a strong influence from both sci-fi and fantasy stories. Solarpunk looks like something my heart always knew, but that my feet never have, like it could have been the next town over frome everywhere I ever saw.

For real though, I don't get why anyone working in science in the 21st century would be anything other than anticapitalist. Or critical of it at the very least. It does nothing but make our lives difficult.

We're all constantly grovelling for funds. Important articles are hidden behind paywalls. We need to pay to get stuff published. And I'm so tired of hearing things like "yes we'd love to hire you, but we don't have any funding right now."

The Notre-dame isn't just a Christian building, it's a major historical structure and a part of the common heritage of mankind. That building, or what remains, is 850 years old, it survived throught the hundred years war, the countless Paris insurrections of France's revolutionary waves and both world wars. Its a historic monument to human history as any other. 850 year old icons are few and far between, and they only get fewer. I for one am heartbroken, as when anything of our history is lost, these sites are worth something and to see their end is saddening. There's not going to be another Notre-dame if it goes entirely, that 850 odd years could just end now, and I find that saddening.

Bored now. Need Podcast recomendations. Preferably more uplifting ones, because of everything going on right now.

Show me what you've got sunbeams.

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Hi! I’m super new here but hoping to connect with and contribute to this community! I’m a 27 yr old queer/pan tradeswoman/artist in the US - I love plants, dinosaurs, fighting the patriarchy, always trying to be a better human and passing things forward to fellow living beings. Being a queer woman in a male dominated “boys club” industry is a battle I fight every day and sometimes feel like i’ll Never win, then other days feel like I can really feel the world changing. Avoiding burnout is key - something my plants help me with. Look forward to meeting y’all!!

Every so often when I'm trying to write "you" I accidentally press "T" instead and have to suppress the urge to go all in and switch to saying "Thou".

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Something happened today that brought back an old childhood memory, which was basically when I turned down learning how to knit from one of the little old ladies my mom knew. With how modern culture has gone and the surprise burst in popularity it's seen, I kinda feel like maybe I should have said yes...

Broke: Ancap
Woke: Anti-Cap
Bespoke: Overthrowing the bourgeoisie and taking the responsibility of bringing our planet out of its dire state into our own hands.

wait, we're doing now? know what, my two autistic coworkers are probably under appreciated, this is a good excuse as any to try reaching out to them.

Can I just say how lucky we all are? Everyone who's been brave enough to post a selfi here has been toats adorable.

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While it is now largely known that the T. Rex probably had feathers, there's no good way to know what color they were. Therefore, my headcanon is that they had the same neon pink feathers that Flamingos have. No one try to talk me out of this, I'm sticking to it.

current mood: wondering how long to wait to favorite or boost toots because I'm a fast reader and I don't want to give the impression I'm not actually reading the toots.

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