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Finally worked my way though my new display name. The odd phrasing was because I needed to save every letter I could to get the flags, still barely made it work. Hope the idea gets across.

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I think the best way to summarize my political position would be: For the common people... but they really need a better education.

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Can you be nostalgic for a time that never happened? I grew up in a forested area, but with a strong influence from both sci-fi and fantasy stories. Solarpunk looks like something my heart always knew, but that my feet never have, like it could have been the next town over frome everywhere I ever saw.

Self isolation 

The problem transhuman individuals have is that much of the common ideology is things other groups like and support, taken to a new level. The issue is in trying to explain that new level without accidentally sounding horrible.

I adore camping and canoeing. I have no idea how I'd make it work if I ended up blind or in a wheelchair. The problem is in the loss of something I enjoy, not the disability itself.

I dislike the need for the wheelchair, not the person in it. And even this explanation is makeing me worried how people will react.

MastoPol Gab 

A batteries. C batteries. D an 9v batteries. What's going on with them? Are they just mostly irrelevant because tech moved on, or is it because right to repair policies have sunk in? Because either way I'm getting tired of this nonsense where I can't just check to see if batteries are the problem with my tech.

Finally worked my way though my new display name. The odd phrasing was because I needed to save every letter I could to get the flags, still barely made it work. Hope the idea gets across.

Somebody is hacking road signs in New Orleans in the best possible way...

Alright, I clearly missed something so I have to ask. What's Acab?

Screenshot meme 

yeah weeird question can we shorten the trigger for :antranshumanism: to something like :anth: so it doesn't trash the character limit in my display name? Maybe shorten some of the others in a similar way while we're at it?

*Points at the federated feed"

Thar be dragons

And shitposts. And lewd on main. Tis a vast sea, full of many sights to behold.


Messing around, might start a transhuman focused masto instance IDK


It's a shame .ist URLs seem to be universally >$700 because they'd be amazing for domain hacks

Speaking of which, anyone want to crowdfund the acquisition of

When we started sharing social content around the upcoming #NCO9 here and on Birdsite around this anti-trans bathroom bill author, bigot, Gab investor and R candidate Dan Bishop, it was OFF the radar screen. Ancient history.

We helped other social accounts pick it up, folks noticed - "oh shit, we are dealing with an incredible asshole here." More social pick up.

"Altright Dan" Bishop then added more attention by threatening to sue if the ad was broadcast, but not retracting his Gab investment. Oops.

It's a big issue now. Let's help it stay front and center before Sept. Election.

Unholy shitpost 

Help us organize to get this word out about this hard-right anti-trans NC candidate for the House, Dan BIshop or "#altrightDan.

He was an early investor in #Gab and had been downplaying it sucessfully. We reached out to other organizers helping get the word out on social media where it had not been a story up until recently.

Well, no more.

Look at this ad. Andh help us be sure every NC voter knows.

“Remember when neo-Nazis marched in Charlottesville and killed a young woman?” a narrator says over graphic images from the 2017 rally. “When they were banned from social media, Dan Bishop took their side. In fact he invested in a social media website because it welcomed the white supremacists.”

Read more here:

Dan apparently threatened to sue over libel and slander over this ad, but did no renounce or return the investment in #Gab. Must have hit a nerve.

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