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I made a video to commemorate @garfiald and his crushing victory today

watching midlifers who haven’t had to to do work in a while bullshitting to each other about easy ways to get money is always something

I finished scanning this book of Boston city documents from 1861, I think I shouldn't have to do anything until I can leave at 3:15 (selfie, no ec)

sorry to trouble y’all. Still taking care of my parents, and between that and being disabled by mental illness, I can’t work a job outside the house atm. It’s just kind of stressful. I know other people need help more than I do (being white and having a home) so please don’t feel pressured or guilty, I’m just putting this out there. LMK if this is bothersome. If you think someone else could use the help more, by all means do so.


gonna be testing to see if my laptop can handle a ps2 game stream in a minute

inside you are two wolves

🐺wolf1 wolf2🐺

we may need to operate

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