How exactly do you "accidentally" write software that logs into an email account, pulls down the contact list and stores it in a FB database? #privacy

If Robert Smith did vocals on this song, it would sound like a bonus track on Disintegration.

I normally find bots to be a waste of space in the tl, but @everyhexcolor is strangely fascinating.

Please boost!

Do you live in the NY/NJ area?

Are you interested in the basics of unionizing? Organizing your workplace? Or helping others to organize their workplaces?

The Central New Jersey IWW is holding an OT101 (Organizer Training 101) in a few weeks in New Brunswick. You can get there from NYC via NJ Transit.

Free of charge, registration required.

No cops, no bosses, no scabs— so DM me for details if you’re interested!

#IWW #OT101 #solidarity #solidarityforever #theunionmakesusstrong

<< 'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time: The Libro de los Epítomes was a catalogue for Hernando Colón’s 16th-century collection, which he intended to be the biggest in the world >>

That didn't take long. I already saw someone claiming the black hole image was at the center of "our galaxy". I'm not sure if they were simply mistaken or claiming ownership of M87.

Which band will be first to use the black hole picture as an album cover?

I just realized today is 2 years since my first toot on .social! :toot:

This week we had the first all-hands meeting with our new CIO. He just covered the agenda by reading a PowerPoint slide by slide. At the end of the meeting he asked if there were any questions. My new hero asked "Since we've never seen you before, could you introduce yourself?" đŸ€Ł

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And they said recaptcha was the best out there, pfft

If I had any motivation, I'd write an article comparing all the Coltrane recordings of My Favorite Things and discuss how they reflect the progression of his music near the end of his life. But I'm not motivated, so there.

Whatever you do, don't mess with a kangaroo rat.

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