Hi! I'm K4.
I took up hobby gardening and amateur botany as a way to put my open-source software job down sometimes... until I noticed that those things could go together in new and interesting ways. I've been building an open, highly-queryable plant/growing database that anyone can edit or help curate. Nothing really to show off yet (I'm up to my eyeballs in initial data imports rn), but there is a blog up at blog.plantdata.io with project updates.

/me waves enthusiastically

@K4_713 Ooh! I am all over something like this. 💚

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

@adeptomega Thanks! And yes, there's definitely a *lot* to do in a variety of categories. Are you familiar with the wikidata project/way of handling structured data? Not by any means a requirement, though it will probably help a lot at this stage.

@K4_713 My exposure to the wikidata project has been very limited unfortunately.

I wound up doing a lot of work in statistical programming languages off of my research job (R in particular; learned some SPSS, some Python for generating dummy data). Any experience beyond that has been voluntary online coursework or a lot of the hobby programming I did as a teenager.

I enjoy learning however and will be happy to learn new systems for a community project.

@adeptomega ah, cool!
My main focus with the project right now is getting a small set of example data in the system in a way that makes sense, so I can show people what the base system is capable of and expose data to play with. Then, there will be a few larger categories of work: Probably adding/editing data (manually and in large imports) , designing/building a nice set of front-end search tools and visualizations, writing APIs for automated systems, and... whatever else sounds good. 😁

@K4_713 Cool! Well, if at any point you need extra hands in the process, let me know, alright? :]

@solarbear @K4_713 I don't know how much use it would be, but I have a huge encyclopedia about plants, if that would help with info and references.

@cocoron @solarbear I'm sure there will be critical data in plant encyclopedias! Certain categories of plant data seem to come up much more readily in books. For instance: Companion planting. Good and bad companion plant information like that seems to have been largely ignored by people who like to build free plant databases.

@K4_713 What sort of data does it contain? Nutrient and light needs per species via API would be *spectacular* for automated hydroponics.

@phryk Funny enough, writing a few APIs for automated systems was something I've had in mind from the beginning. My current thinking about what specific data I want to keep, for both humans and machines, is on this trello board: trello.com/b/PhjXjlQg/data-mod

Let me know if there's anything that would be helpful to have, that I missed. One great thing about the system I'm using (wikibase) is that it's incredibly flexible when it comes to adding new data associations.

@K4_713 Welcome! This sounds super interesting, hope I can contribute some data once it's up and running!

@K4_713 I also took up gardening as a break from software and I'm interested in this project.

@K4_713 hi! Best wishes! Already heard about growstuff.org/ ? (Am on the go - sorry if you address this elsewhere and I did not see.)

@brainwane Sumana! Long time no type! Yeah, I've looked at growstuff.org a little. There's definitely a lot of overlap, but their approach seems to be rooted(<--ha) in user data and individual experiences with plants, and I *think* that's probably going to remain adjacent territory, project-wise...
Nice to see you around!

@K4_713 Oh hi it's YOU! Glad to see you. Thanks for the kind reply!

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