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“Happy Birthday, Abdullah #Öcalan!”

The International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan — Peace in

#Kurdistan has released a statement on the occasion of Abdullah Öcalan’s 70th birthday, today.


For the moment when an "An"Cap breathes near you:
"The Pestilence is strong in thee"

computers are just weird flat rocks we scammed into doing our math for us in exchange for feeding them electricity

Most days I wish my brain wasn't dogshit at math & general having a shitty working memory.

Kindness gets people a long way and costs ya nothing. Just be a fucking decent person it ain't complicated.

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🔫🐀 u WILL thank the bus driver u WILL thank the cleaners u WILL thank the cashier and also u WILL thank the cafe/restaurant workers

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Who gave you the right to be a landlord,
to live a life of ease while others toil?
Who gave you the right to be a rich man?
While the rest of us pay you so
we can work this soil?

Im entitled to financial compensation from god for making me this way

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