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I drew a couple months ago but it still looks good, taught I might as well share it.

I said I have faith in my fellow man
And I only hope that he has faith in me

vore shitpost 


Is it really ok to punch nazis?

A hundred hobbies you have outlived
Your mother, she called bullshit and you ignored it

if mastodon instances were pirate ships, what would their flags look like?

Islam and religion mentions 

“Happy Birthday, Abdullah #Öcalan!”

The International Initiative “Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan — Peace in

#Kurdistan has released a statement on the occasion of Abdullah Öcalan’s 70th birthday, today.


For the moment when an "An"Cap breathes near you:
"The Pestilence is strong in thee"

computers are just weird flat rocks we scammed into doing our math for us in exchange for feeding them electricity

Most days I wish my brain wasn't dogshit at math & general having a shitty working memory.

Kindness gets people a long way and costs ya nothing. Just be a fucking decent person it ain't complicated.

selfie & eye contact/looking at camera 

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