@puffinus_puffinus well, a 3DS port! I never had a N64 so I'm glad they rereleased it.

It's not my favorite Zelda but I know it's important to Zela lore, so I thought I'd play it. :teal_heart:

I enjoyed Ocarina of Time very much. It was my first more serious computer game, and it's a blast. I played it on an Android phone, seeing as emulators are pretty good these days.

@puffinus_puffinus I have trouble playing non turn based games on my phone because of the difficulty of not having buttons! That's cool that you were able to emulate it, though!

Oh yeah I have a Bluetooth games controller I use. The USB port on the phone can actually be used like a standard computer's port, I've plugged USB sticks into it before, so you can probably use a wired games controller too if you have one.

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