I hate how creativity has become a thing that only artists are supposed to do. We need to legitimize the value of people who do woodwork, decorative painting, cake decorating, and a lot of other creative hobbies....all creativity enhances our lives, even if it's not professional.

@Isocelesisopod as much as i've used the descriptor of ""creative" as an occupation, it isn't a good one. Everything can be creative. And i'm not creative-ing. I'm painting, or designing, or cooking. Don't much like the lofty position artists somewhat get put in...existing in a contradictory state of starving/enlightenment, homeless yet honorary upper class. Like by simply being an "artist" gives some special power (or worse, is a power only few possess). (/incoherent rambling sorry about that >.>)

@Isocelesisopod We often have folk visit our makerspace open house events--because they found them on Meetup when looking for something to do on a Tuesday night. They've already done the Scrabble night and country dancing, so they end up here.

They walk in and are entirely disoriented, because instead of a structured activity, we give them a tour where we show they all the tools you could use to make things.

Many struggle to visualize themselves as people who could or would make anything.

@beadsland I hope at least a few people try some new things! I think it's very empowering to make something yourself.

@Isocelesisopod Agreed! Some leave having started to ponder possibilities, at least. It's hard working through all that societal conditioning.

@Isocelesisopod Well, yes. Well… if we do that, then all of our neat boxes for stereotyping and categorizing people get all dented and crumpled. Think of the boxes!

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