Do people actively look for me just to throw dirt in my face? WTF is this place even about?


I'm honestly sick of this. Every time I start thinking "hey, maybe I should give mastodon another chance" it ends up with people who I don't know, being shitty to me without provocation, and I'm tired of it.

@InvaderXan :(

I'm sorry you have this experience

For what it's worth I really appreciate you 💜

@InvaderXan sucks that's happening. You're one of my favourite faces on here, and I have no clue why people would choose to be shitty at you.

@InvaderXan You're amazing and don't deserve that, but I've seen it happen to you time and time again. I have no idea what woodwork they crawl out of, but wherever it is could use a good lit match.

@InvaderXan Frustrating :(

For every such person there must be oodles of nice people who love what you're expressing here! So often I read one of your toots and just keep nodding and smiling. For me, you are definitely one of the people making Mastodon worthwile with what you say.

You are a good person and don't deserve that. Do you need to block some instances?

@InvaderXan well, i, for one, hope you stick around. i like your posts and your vibe, and (not that you asked me but) in solidarity i say screw those people who are messing with you.

@InvaderXan I wish I could tell you to not give up hope. It's honestly difficult (for me, at least) to find good content producers on here. I'm mostly still only reading the people I followed in my first month.

@InvaderXan I'm so sorry about this.

Having you here is the best, you make the Fediverse more beautiful 💚

this was supposed to be a welcoming space, away from the toxic twitters, facebooks and instagrams, and yet I see more and more great folks give up, because their writing about identity and diversity attracts people who feel free to make shitty comments.
I will miss you, and your great food for thought. I learned so much from you!

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