Pretty weird making a cyberpunk game and just calling it Cyberpunk. That’s like making a puzzle game called Puzzle. It takes minimum effort to an absurd extreme.

@InvaderXan every book’s title from now on will be SEO-optimized. just a string of keywords

@mood To be fair, someone already made a movie called “Marriage Story” so I think maybe we’re collectively getting worse at naming things.

@InvaderXan maybe it’s a longing for a simpler time. “The Swan,” etc


@mood Looking forward to the new album by Music Band...

@InvaderXan @mood I wish I could remember where it's from, but there's a version of the "Who's On First" Abbot & Costello sketch that's about bands, heavily featuring and

to be fair I have a vanity auction guild in World of Warcraft named "Names Are Hard." one day my alt was standing at the mailbox as I was sorting stuff and there was a toon standing next to me whose guild name was "Guild Name." XD "Ominous Latin Words" was a popular Alliance guild for a while...

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