Evidently, all cats just really love playing with toys. Even big orange ones.

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@InvaderXan Cat behaviour is scale independent. Did you know housecats and lions both do the butt wiggle before a pounce!

@InvaderXan @olivia @varve I wonder if big cats also do this thing of trying to use your computer while you are working, and if they can be tricked into staring into a fake one...

@matias93 @olivia @varve Only if you leave a warm spot when you stand up. It's best not to try and move them though.

@InvaderXan Have you seen Big Cat Rescue on youtube? They have videos "testing" big cats for housecat behaviour. Refrigerator boxes, catnip, laser pointers, etc.

@varve I've seen one of them, with the boxes. I didn't realise there were more!

@InvaderXan I learned the hard way that beets also make good toys for smaller cats. I’m very careful about where I store produce now.

@pkla_sarracenia Cats aren't fussy about what they decide to use as toys. Their only stipulation seems to be that they like to use anything which you'd prefer them not to use!

@InvaderXan Especially problematic when their choice of toy leaves me to solve the mystery of “Why are your claws purple?”

@InvaderXan these are so adorable. That tiger hugging his pumpkin, just so awww

@ljwrites There are a couple more on my tumblr, in case you'd like some other options? 🐯🎃

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