Some takes are hot and some are much hotter. How hot are the takes that you most like to be taken?

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@InvaderXan I prefer room temperature because it makes it easier to announce my opinion and feel the mood of the room.

@InvaderXan "Takes" generally seem to occur on a scale of increasing frigidity, tending toward the inverse of their author's proclaimed heat level.

This is obviated by the inclusion of the theme "tech", which almost always guarantees state of the art near-zero Kelvin.

@porsupah I’m usually of the opinion that the best takes should be allowed to fully cool before serving.

@InvaderXan this just got me the "brighter than a thousand suns" line from Painkiller in my head, followed by the solo

so that's my answer

@amandag Apparently! I henceforth solemnly swear to let my takes cool properly before inflicting them on you all.

(Still can’t promise they’ll be good ones though πŸ˜‚)

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