Semi-regular reminder that the red pill/blue pill thing is from a film written by two trans women about casting off the restrictions of the world around you, re-learning who you truly are, and finding strength that you didn't know you had.

Today's going to be a Matrix marathon day, I think. Just because.

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I mean, the point behind taking a red pill to become your true self seems pretty obvious when you think about it.

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I guess I ran out of Matrix movies, so now I’m watching Jupiter Ascending. This movie is breathtakingly beautiful nonsense. By all rights, I should hate it, but I kinda don’t and it’s weird.

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Jupiter Ascending 

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@ady_luimeme I don’t mean it’s me that’s weird, I mean it’s the movie 😂

@InvaderXan Just a little FYI, my favorite Wachowski film is SPEED RACER. It is a beautiful masterpiece.

@Imani I still haven’t actually seen that one. I really should!

@InvaderXan It's earnestly written like a teenage girl's self indulgent fanfic and IMO that's exactly why it's such a wonderful movie.

@bunnyjane yes, this! and also probably part of the reason it was critically panned while other movies of a similar vein aimed at cis dudes get a pass... @InvaderXan

@hafnia @bunnyjane This is so true. I think this is why I like this movie but I hate Valerian.

Also, I kinda like how it’s all “hey, turns out you’re some kind of interstellar royalty lol space colonialism” and she’s basically just like “NOPE”

@InvaderXan That's the one with spaceships like cathedrals but no sensible plotline, right?

@pfx Yes it is. I still have no idea what’s supposed to be going on and I don’t even care

@InvaderXan I keep getting this feeling that this i only a /window/ into what they had in mind. A gorgeous production, though, and still a favorite, though TBH, I'm not sure the Wachowskis have made anything I disliked. (Modulo the lax story editing on Matrix 2 & 3)

@porsupah Yeah, that’s true. Their work is always so high concept. I often get the feeling they wanted to do much more but just weren’t able to for whatever reason.

Also, the latter two Matrix films were genuinely good, despite what everyone says, and I will die on this hill!

@InvaderXan @porsupah
"Also, the latter two Matrix films were genuinely good, despite what everyone says, and I will die on this hill!"

This! *plants flag defiantly*

(I need to sit down and watch JA sometime. It's a rare video thing I can enjoy these days, but for the Watchowskis I will so try it.)

Jupiter Ascending 

Jupiter Ascending 

@InvaderXan I did not like any of the matrix movies at all, but I kinda like Jupiter Ascending! I don't think it deserves the hate thrown at it.

@InvaderXan I want to watch it again on a TV screen. The movements were too fast on the big screen for me to fully appreciate sitting in the side of the theater. But I'm looking forward to it!

@InvaderXan And that it's somehow managed to be appropriated by the masculinist movement because

seriously I don't even fucking know at one point seriously I don't get it tbh

@furkachi they've twisted the meaning so much it's hard to know what point they're even trying to get at anymore. At this point I think it's just because American politics is so bland that colour association is basically all they have to go on.

@InvaderXan @furkachi it's because The Matrix is cool and has guns and the imagery of waking up and fighting against "the machine" (in their mind: feminism) is a very appealing one.

They're also so fucking shallow that they have no other relevant imagery to use and don't understand the full depths of the thing they are referencing.

@furkachi @InvaderXan it kinda reminds me how French nationalists use Jeanne D'Arc as a symbol, since the national saint, except....

Well, Jeanne was rather obviously trans, and probably schizofrenic. I mean, it's great that they can use someone like that as a role model.
But I don't think they know that that's what they're doing.

@panina @furkachi It seems nationalists wherever they are, don’t tend to be all that good at thinking about what it is they’re doing

@InvaderXan @panina yeeeeaah, I guess when you're more worried about the aesthetics than the meaning of things, you can just do massive fuck ups like this and nobody really questions it (well, within your ranks, at least)

@ArtistMarciaX I have to admit this isn't much to go on, and I can't find anything about it. Do you have any more information at all?

@InvaderXan sorry I'm toggling between thesis writing and the TL. Should've maybe saved it for when I have more time.

@InvaderXan and like most of their works, highly critical of capitalism whether it's the Matrix's machines siphoning off your life force for their own use or the very similar setup of Jupiter Ascending's capitalists living millennia via sucking out the lives of ordinary people

@InvaderXan yus! Sense8 is one of my favorite works anywhere

@wednesday I'm still salty that we only got two seasons of it. It was such a cool concept!

@InvaderXan I still wonder if "too expensive" wasn't some Netflix exec's go-to excuse when they couldn't handle orgy scenes

@wednesday Let's be honest, there were dozens of reasons why white cishet guys in suits obviously hated that show

@InvaderXan @wednesday someone said that netflix stops making money on a new show after two seasons, unless they become huge. That's the point where a show stops making new people subscribe to netflix.
And Sense8 isn't the only show that only has two seasons....

It's a horribly cynical take on culture. But at least I got two seasons with Nomi, and for that I'm eternally grateful (towards the Wachowskis, not netflix).

@panina @wednesday I’ve heard this too. Weird though, that there are other shows with more seasons than this. I can’t help but think that someone somewhere was Super Offended™ by all the gay sex. Especially seeing as most shows can’t even have two women looking at each other a little too long without suddenly writing a boring male love interest for both of them.

It *was* totally worth it for Nomi though, she was an absolute gem of a character, and her relationship with Amanita was goals af

Red pills 

> film written by two trans women
Oh? I wasn't aware of that yet :blobsurprised:

@mezzodrinker The Wachowskis wrote and directed The Matrix. Since the original movie was released, both have come out as trans.

Semi-regular reminder that the second movie makes the red pill thing kinda accurate, since Zion is basically a Che Guevara t-shirt, rebellion sponsored by the system itself.

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