Interesting how all the capitalists are all perfectly happy to get “free money” from the government when it’s called a stimulus check and not called socialism.

So people having money stimulates the economy? You know, maybe there’s something in this. Maybe people could receive this regularly as some kind of income at a basic level, and it could be applied universally. 🤔

@InvaderXan I had to convince my mum to get the free money, she didn't want to out of some sense of pride or something.

I said, look, it's literally your money. You just have to ask for it.

@ak It’s hard to understand the attitudes some people have TBH

@InvaderXan "I've never claimed benefits in my life and I don't want to start now!" is an attitude a lot of older people seem to have.

But it's like - you've paid taxes all your life, and this is your payback. You pay taxes so that when times are hard, there's theoretically a welfare state for everyone.

@ak I guess if you’ve been fed propaganda about self sufficiency for as long as you can remember, and internalised the idea that getting help is a bad thing, then it’s difficult to unlearn.

@InvaderXan A lot of people, me included, avoid claiming benefits if we can at all help it not because we're too proud but because of the punitive system.

I'd claim benefits if I was unemployed if they didn't make you apply for every degrading job going on pain of having your money stopped for months on end.

@InvaderXan @ak That's basically it, plus "what will people think of me, if they see that I had to have a handout, they will think I am weak and then they will come for my things"

@InvaderXan That sounds like a policy that could help other people instead of just me.

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