To get rid of viruses, soap actually works better than hand sanitiser 🧼 wash your hands

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Basically, a virus is a big self-assembled bunch of proteins and lipids. The fatty lipid bilayer is what holds the whole thing together.

Soap easily dissolves those lipids, making the whole thing fall apart and killing the virus.

The alcohol in hand sanitiser does the same thing, but not as well. Any antibacterial compounds don't touch viruses at all, so don't waste your time or money. It's basically just expensive soap.

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But I'm just paraphrasing someone else right now. Here's a twitter link to a (long!) thread written by a chemistry prof, all about how and why soap kills viruses. It's worth reading, even if it does get a bit technical!

⛓️ source link • lots more info on soap and viruses 


thank you, I won' t read the long thread but this was interesting nonetheless

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