Today may be the hottest day Europe has ever recorded 🔥 Please stay safe!

💚 Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
💚 Shower in cool water when needed and/or wash your hands and face
💚 The UV index is high. If you go outside, try to wear a sun hat and keep to the shade
💚 Avoid unnecessary strenuous activity
💚 Carry a fan if you have one, and don't be afraid to use it
💚 Hide inside supermarkets or shopping malls if you need to. Especially if they have fridges you can stand next to awhile.

@InvaderXan And plant trees, for fuck's sake! 🌳🌳🌳
(at dusk, possibly)

@InvaderXan I'm pretty sure thats ice / dry ice but from a glance it looked like they are wearing a jacket made of cocaine.


@carbontwelve @philipp Hmmm... Now you mention it, yeah, it does look a bit like that. I just kinda like the idea of wearing a jacket stuffed full of ice!

@InvaderXan I think that's Tony Martin. He planned ahead by trying to drive Mark Rowe off the road and got disqualified after the race yesterday. Smart man!

@InvaderXan No, I was wrong. It's George Bennet. I'm really bad with heir faces with those huge sunglasses.

@InvaderXan and put on sunscreen, even to the shade the sun rays can still hit you, because of bouncing on various surfaces.

@InvaderXan One thing I would add to this is to check on your older relatives and neighbors. The elderly can be shockingly vulnerable to heat.

@thelazyoldfox Anyone vulnerable TBH. As well as the elderly, people with physical disabilities or health problems are also at risk from such an extreme heatwave.

@InvaderXan \o/ yes! And very young people, too, infants and toddlers. Heck, active young kids in general, too. Make sure your sproggen are drinking a lot of water taking breaks, etc.

More general and perhaps cheerful advice: eat fruit and ice cream. Fruit hydrates, and ice cream is ice cream.

Would libraries be a good addition to this? Being somewhere you're allowed to just loiter for free seems handy

@Tetra If they’re cool band air conditioned, that’s an excellent idea!

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