Roses evolved 35 million years ago. We know because we've found fossils!

There are about 150 species of rose, growing all across the Northern Hemisphere, and humans have been growing them for about 5000 years. The practice probably started in Ancient China, before spreading to Ancient Persia, where damask roses were first bred – named after the city of Damascus in Syria.

The Persians also first developed methods for obtaining rose water and rose absolute, for flavourings and fragrances.

Some people like to make fossil shark teeth into necklaces. But honestly, give me a fossil rose thorn instead, anyday!

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@InvaderXan what is the scale on that ruler, do you think? mm or cm..? I'm imagining it to be cm and that it's a MONSTER THORN could you imagine the size of the associated plant and flowers?! aaaaaaahhhh 😍


Haha! Sadly, I think it's mm. But I kinda love the idea of an ENORMOUS MONSTER ROSE! πŸ˜„

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