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Instead of asking why we would strike close to Christmas or a general election which we didn’t even know the dates for, ask yourself why Royal Mail aren’t honouring their agreement. They’ve had months to sit down and talk with the CWU National Officers, but have treated the mediation talks with very little respect.
You have to ask yourself why would RM do that?
All we ask the British Public to do is back your Postman and Women and show them your support, they deserve it."

The strike hasn't started yet, but it looks likely to happen around Black Friday weekend at the end of the month, with a possible second strike in the leadup to xmas. Don't cross a picket line, don't use Royal Mail during the strike. :mais_tjrs_le_poing_leve:

Not federating with nazis is "living in a filter bubble" apparently.
As if we're losing anything of value by shutting out literal fucking nazis.

SBC meta, poll 

SBC meta 

My partner is in Sydney at the moment and apparently the fire danger has been upgraded to: catastrophic.

And it's only late Spring.

getting onstage at the Oscars to give my acceptance speech and it's just "I'd like to thank cats everywhere. You've taught me so much, and you are the only people who got me where I am"

masto v birdsite 

With the birdsite exodus ongoing, I thought I'd give a little shoutout to a project I'm involved with in case anyone's interested

A couple others and I are working on building an international organization, kicking off with a Mastodon instance that we're hoping to open really soon. If that kind of thing interests you, lmk and I'll get you involved!


How to #Toot. Various Options to Toot. Love this options!!!

#DMs #mastodonsocial #India

1. Public Toot: Posts to your public timeline

2. Unlisted Toot: Kind of private toot for your eyes only

3. Followers only Toot. Self explanatory. Toot will be visible to your followers only

4. Direct Toot: This is DM. Sent as a Toot only. Handles mentioned in the toot will get the msg as a DM.

Controls as shown in attached screenshot

Boost CC: @Deepsealioness @ikaveri @Shudraism @musafir

i switched from watering my plants every five days to every seven days because it's winter and my alocasia zebrina didn't like that At All.

The don't really look like they will get all the way to making functional peas, but they are gorgeous and I'll be glad to plant some again in the spring.

transphobia, calling UK & Scottish comrades 

Most underrated feature on mastodon (or possibly just the app I use): when refreshing timelines the new posts appear above the post previously at the top, so you can scroll up in chronological order

food / how to eat on a budget 

Who should I vote for on 12/12? 

The myth that "native americans didnt have a written language" is a false one, our tribe isnt an outlier in this case in the least, this was our written language it just wasnt colonized, europeanized and alphabetized like the settlers were used to.

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