This is so lovely; a card and little about my familiar, that I received in the mail from the ever talented @vicorva

"Your familiar has long, feathery wings. This makes caring for them a little more challenging than with a regular cat. A bit of cheese will coax it down from the roof or tree or cloud, and it always boffs you in the face with its wings while getting settled on your lap. It loves being scritched at the wing joint. It does unfortunately bring home a lot of birds if you let it out unsupervised."

@GwenfarsGarden The winged kitty was one of my favourites. :) I'm so glad you like it!

@vicorva I have this funny image of Freya flapping her wings hard, chasing the Wood Pigeons ;)

@GwenfarsGarden That would be so cute! I'm delighted you can picture the familiar as Freya. ^_^

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