This I'm working on my crop rotation plans. Will post about it in a bit of detail in the next week.


I have created a lot of crop rotation plans over the years and have quite a bit of info on it in different books, plus my experience of using them. It made me wonder, would people find a post summarising crop rotations a useful?

I thought maybe this could be something I could do for

@GwenfarsGarden Yes pls!!!! Also like I don't know what kind of soil you have or if that makes a difference

@return_0 Cool!

I'm writing notes of specific requests so I can ensure I address those. There are some crop-specific issues for crop rotating.

Generally though, it helps to learn what you soil is before you do any planning. For instance, where I live is acid soil. Most vegetables need Alkaline or Neutral soil to grow. This is one of the main reasons I built raised beds and filled it with non-acidic compost. So if you haven't done a soil test yet, I recommend doing one :)

@GwenfarsGarden yeap definetely planning on doing that one thanks for the help!

@GwenfarsGarden oooh yes, I'm currently trying to work out rotations for my three sunniest beds, it's very tempting to just switch them back & forth between curcurbits & solanums forever...

@mcmoots :) Cool. You're the 2nd person to mention something like this, so I'll definitely address it in the post.

@GwenfarsGarden yes please! and maybe explaining why some things need to be shifted, and what can/cannot follow a specific plant?

@GwenfarsGarden thanks! if you have the spoons and if it feels right, of course...

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