My first colouring in with my new 120 pack pencils. It reminds me of the Alethiometer.

Kind of I feel :)

I am going to use the hashtag so you can mute that if you don't want to see anymore of these in the future!

@InvaderXan thank you. I know it's just colouring in, not real art, but it is very calming and enjoyable.

@GwenfarsGarden Oh, it isn't "just" colouring it 😋 the colour choices make a huge difference. But as long as you're enjoying it, that's all that really matters! I wouldn't say it's not real art. So much can change when color is added to a drawing.

@GwenfarsGarden So beautiful! I love the colours!

I was looking forward to see the pencils in action, they produce really intense colours 🙂

@ondiz thank you.

I'm really pleased with the colours. They are quite smooth so I feel it's easier to colour with them.

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