After such an amazing sunset last night, we took a drive out into the to see how it looked on a clear blue sky day.

These are my favourite pics, that show the winter colours off the best. It was breathtakingly beautiful.


Happy2020 in advance Gwen...May U have all troubles gone with 2019🤗😊

@GwenfarsGarden We camped in Hathersage earlier in the year, just down the road from here. Beautiful area.

@jamie Hathersage was heaving today! It's usually busy, but it, and much of the Peak we were in, was like it was summer, with the crowds of walkers and cyclists.

I do feel blessed that this is all local to me - it's a great part of the country

@GwenfarsGarden ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

@GwenfarsGarden Amazing colours - especially for this time of year.

@jamie I've seem similar colours, but never this strong. I wonder if somehow last nights sunset had an impact on the light today?

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