What did you read, book or article, or other, this year that changed your life?

Even if only momentarily, temporarily, or a current sticky situation?

@maloki Mine has been a mix of so much I've learned about anarchism on here, then reading: Pan-African Social Ecology now. It's like all these light bulbs have gone off and connections have come together and I now feel with my heart, that anarchism is what makes sense in building our future. And it feels really positive too.

What book, article etc impacted on you this year?


@GwenfarsGarden @maloki I like how SBC (and me) started out as "yeah we are into social ecology/municipalism" but are going in the direction of Anarchism now (not like they're directly opposed to each other but means are different).


@charlag @maloki I think there is a mix on SBC, but anarchism has stood out for me. But this book brings anarchism and social ecology together. I plan on posting some notes when I can get my brain to work properly.

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