@ehashman you know, that's the first time I've ever seen ornamental cabbage look good. Nice posy

@GwenfarsGarden I swore *up and down* I wasn't going to buy a cabbage bouquet but this one won me over :')

@ehashman I can see why. At first glance I thought they were roses.

@GwenfarsGarden @ehashman

I must admit that I find ornamental cabbage cute though I've never owned one.

@ajdunevent @ehashman I tend to think, why go to that effort and then not be able to eat it?!

@ehashman @ajdunevent I was more thinking about keeping the cabbage whites off them. If you are putting in all the work to keep cabbage whites off a cabbage plant, you should be able to eat it!

@GwenfarsGarden @ajdunevent huh, TIL. I grew some cabbages when I was in uni and didn't have that problem!

@ehashman @ajdunevent really? I've always had to cover anything from the brassica family with agricultural mesh, otherwise they destroy the crop within a couple of days. Maybe no cabbage whites in your area? Lucky you!

@GwenfarsGarden @ajdunevent yeah maybe! I was growing them in southern Ontario, Canada so I'm sure the local pests are much different

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