I am so sick of regular cyclists who hate eBikes and assume people who use eBikes are cheating or lazy. There is so much privileged and in that kind of thinking and I'm fed up arguing with such people. If you are one of those people, please unfollow me now. Or let me know so I can block you.

Because of my legs I'm pondering about buying one. I can totally relate to feeling that way


@sexybiggetje I had given up cycling as I was tired all the time. Having one extended my ability to cycle, and not use a car, for 4 years, before I got to unwell to cycle. They are like a new lease of life. Go for it!

Next spring most likely! It's so sad to hear about an illness limiting a person, even tho it happens to myself. This is a great invention indeed, and one should never judge others for using them

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