I am so sick of regular cyclists who hate eBikes and assume people who use eBikes are cheating or lazy. There is so much privileged and in that kind of thinking and I'm fed up arguing with such people. If you are one of those people, please unfollow me now. Or let me know so I can block you.

Because of my legs I'm pondering about buying one. I can totally relate to feeling that way

@sexybiggetje I had given up cycling as I was tired all the time. Having one extended my ability to cycle, and not use a car, for 4 years, before I got to unwell to cycle. They are like a new lease of life. Go for it!

Next spring most likely! It's so sad to hear about an illness limiting a person, even tho it happens to myself. This is a great invention indeed, and one should never judge others for using them

@aldersprig In the UK I know, but not elsewhere. They are becoming more widely available I believe. And I think there are some places that can convert a normal bike into an eBike.

@GwenfarsGarden One of the eBike companies in stopped offering regular bikes for rental after seeing the response to electric-assisted models. eBikes made biking to locals and tourists alike in this hilly city.

My friend uses an ebike to go 30km to work. She’s pregnant and it means she gets the best of exercise and not overdoing it when she’s tired.

Another friend switched out a car for an ebike and homemade trailer. They sold the 2nd car and rarely need the other car now.

Ebikes are changing the transport situation for cities built around endless car usage.

@GwenfarsGarden an e-bike could be the difference between getting to the next village with an acceptable level of exertion vs. it being an athletic endeavor in my area. We have some serious hills.

@draco yep, this. Having one enabled me to cycle for 4 more years before my health got too bad. It got me up hills I never would have got up on a normal bike, and therefore, wouldn't have cycled at all. eBikes offer so much accessibility to a wide range of people

@GwenfarsGarden ebikes are great, you get a larger radius, you can carry more shit and the pike actually gets lifted up to the same level as a car inner city speed wise.
I get your point and agree.

@GwenfarsGarden when I originally posted about wanting an ebike a year ago, I got some flak. Nothing that wasn't shut down with "I need Hill assist." And I was quick to call out people for being ablist in conversations. a lot of people that I encountered just didn't realize how ignorant they sounded until someone actually called them out for it. And most of them were pretty quick to understand where I was coming from. with the way American society used to treat disability, a lot of people went their entire life thinking that they didn't know anyone with a disability. But when someone comes in and pokes a little needle into their bubble, they have the opportunity to gain a different worldview. Of course it's hit or miss, but better people are hit! :battery_full: :bee2: :ecoanarchism_star:

@fukuroyoujo this is what was so disappointing about the conversation that led me to mute the person. I made it clear that it was abelist to make assumptions (i.e. that people are lazy) and instead of going, oh yeh, they just came back with more reasons to dislike eBikes.

Before I got too ill to cycle at all (I have a chronic illness), an eBike gave me about 4 more years of cycling. Cycling, instead of driving a car. Surely that's a good thing?!

A lot of people have a very limited idea about what disability is, and learning about hidden disabilities is still fairly new. But change is slowly happening. We do just need to continue to speak up.

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