Tips to help you choose the right apple tree(s)

After recently doing lots of online & print research into apple trees, because no one source had all the info I needed, I've collated the key basic info into one post.

After a lot of research, and I finally got a shortlist!

Well, 2 shortlists.... (yeh, I know)

The first is the main shortlist which have key criteria I'm looking for, it just depends on taste and then if I can get the pollination groups to match.

The second is in case I don't find everything I want from the first list and need some 'back up' options that meet a lot of the other criteria.

Now, it's just waiting for Apple Day this Saturday!

@GwenfarsGarden great article :)

Concise but very comprehensive

@kyzh That was exactly what I was aiming for so knowing I've achieved that, yay!!! Thank you!!! 💚

@GwenfarsGarden I ate the first apples off our tree yesterday and it's a good year! (also a lot of pruning over the last few years and some spraying and fly traps)

@aldersprig how exciting! Do you know what cultivar they are? Shows that doing the pruning etc can really pay off.

The sad thing is we have an apple tree here (inherited with the house), but it tastes from bland to awful. Just found out this week that it might be a cultivar that is only for ornamental value. Like, why would you grow an apple tree for ornamental value only?!!!

@GwenfarsGarden "Old."

The three in the hedgerow are old enough we're pretty sure they predate modern cultivars but are, ah, empire-like, honeycrisp-like and... I forget, green and sweet.

But the one that's actually in the yard is very likely a Cortland, esp. considering our nearness to Cornell.

@aldersprig do you have apple days in the US? Coz someone at one could id them for you.

But the main thing is they taste good!

@aldersprig in the UK, fruit tree nurseries and community groups run a day or weekend, usually in Oct, where you can go along and try some apples and ask questions. The nursery apple day I'm going to this Sat has nearly 150 cultivars, many of which i will be able to have sample tastes. You can take along apples you want IDed (apple plus bit of a stem and foliage), ask them questions etc.

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