Hedgehog in the garden!

We found a hedgehog in the garden this afternoon. At first it seemed ok, then it just stopped and started curling up like it wanted to snooze on the garden path. We were worried, weighted it (259g) and after a few phonecalls to hedgehog people, someone said it's probably ok, and to leave it outside with cat food and water and see how it goes.

So we put it next to my log pile, which I put down for hedgehogs and insects (yay), and it soon clambered over it and under the hedge. So I think it's ok. We have put food and water down and will check back later.

Good luck little hog!

@GwenfarsGarden what a cute Lil European hedgehog! They're so adorable 😍

@moth they really are, and are sadly in decline. I've been trying to make my garden wildlife friendly, and this feels like it's working.

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