Is there any list of absurdly productive food plants? Like if you only have x amount of space or can only by y number of plants, what do you grow to produce the largest raw mass of food possible

So zucchini is the prototypical example, right. And I know of a few others, like tabasco peppers for example

Tell me in the replies, what plants do you know of that make gardeners say "help, I have more x than I know how to deal with, can anyone come take some home?"

Also, lmk any other tips you have for increasing yields, even if they're not this specifically. For instance, growing a leafy green that you can harvest one leaf at a time like kale or romaine lettuce, rather than one that you take all at once like cabbage. Stuff like that

I'm planning a guerilla community garden and I want it to do as much good as possible

@socalledunitedstates I would pick non-flowering* sorrel. (see

It's basically a spinach substitute (only tastes better, IMO), only it's a perennial, which in a mild winter you can continue to harvest. Otherwise, it it comes back each Spring, just keep harvesting throughout the year. Almost no work, other than watering it in to get established.

I use it in everything from a pasta sauce, to an omelette or a curry, it's very versatile.

I'm assuming you have this in the US though. If not, you might have something similar.

*non-flowering is best because the plant just keeps growing leaves rather than putting into effort creating flowers/seeds.


@socalledunitedstates Otherwise, key herbs (i.e. oregano, rosemary, thyme). Plus strawberries, varieties that continue to produce fruit throughout the year (not winter), like Samba, which also has a very pretty flower.

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