I currently have a Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) trying to reach the sky. It's now at 1.9m.

Does anyone out there have one any taller?!

That is tall. However, I feel the gauntlet has been thrown down. I'll be back. 😃

@fitheach I was hoping people would respond in this manner!

This one is in my garden, btw. No cheating with going into the countryside to find the tallest there ;)

Boundary between my garden and the "countryside" is a bit ill defined. I'll stay within two stone throws from the house. 😉

Thinking about it, I could have put the quotation marks around "my garden" and it would have made equal sense.

@fitheach ha ha

I have a bluebell wood very close by, it's pretty much 'my garden', and I bet it has some foxgloves there now... ;)

I don't believe it! I wait two days for the winds & rains to stop so I can photograph my 193cm championship foxglove (photo 1), only to find my I've been gazumped. That is a two yard (~183cm) measuring stick next to the foxglove.

However, out in the "countryside" (actually about 100m up the hill from my house) I found this monster foxglove of 235cm.

@fitheach @clew 235cms!!!! Ok, not sure whether to give that to you ;)

I'm giving mine a feed tomorrow and will measure again in a couple of days 🤣

@GwenfarsGarden @fitheach I don't even know what you feed them to *encourage* them!

... Not that well rotted manure is a bad bet, though.

Maybe the best thing to do is ignore them. They are always the first plants to populate waste ground where other plants don't want to go. In my area the foxgloves do really well in areas where sitka spruce plantations have recently been harvested.


@fitheach @clew I 'inherited' some in my current garden and they are just spreading. I'm keeping on top of them so they don't take over, but I love them, as do the bees, so I let them have some freedom

@GwenfarsGarden @clew
Next to my ground there is an area where sitka spruce were felled 2 years ago. On the felled area the foxgloves typically are 100cm. Just over the fence is where I photographed the "monster". One of the main differences is the restricted light for the "monster".

The bumblebees only just manage to squeeze into the flowers. While doing so they must get covered in pollen. I like watching this activity, they look cute, particularly when they reverse out.

@fitheach @clew their reversing out with their waggly bottoms is very cute!

No, it doesn't count. It contravenes the rules, it was in the "countryside". 😉

I think the major determinant of height is lack of sunshine. The foxgloves seem to really stretch to get to the light. The "monster" was surrounded on all sides by trees.


@fitheach @clew you would think that, but my tall one gets full sun for over 6 hours in the middle/warmest part of the day.

@GwenfarsGarden I love them, but as they’re poisonous, I removed them when S. was little

@whakkee yeh, they are, and I could see why you'd remove them re a child as a kid would probably find them fascinating. So many plants are poisonous, even to cats, it's hard to keep track!

@GwenfarsGarden This one is a bit over 2.2 meters, maybe stretching for light having foolishly germinated just north of a tree. ...Also the foxglove is leaning on the tree, so getting a bit of help.

wow! I think I'm going to have to measure mine again, but for now, the tallest Foxglove crown goes to you @clew

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