I love Hardy Perennials and most of the ornamental plants I grow fall into this category. Now that I’ve run out of Daffodils for , I thought I’d move on to !

Perennials are plants that survive frost, dying down each autumn and coming up again the following Spring. Most of the perennials I grow tend to not need to much fussing apart from some dead-heading in Summer and early Autumn to get repeat flowering. Let the foliage stay in Winter for small bugs like ladybirds, to hibernate in them. Plus often the frost looks beautiful and very architectural! Early Spring is when you remove the old foliage in readiness for the new growth coming through.

Unless otherwise stated, all plants I grow have a hardiness rating of H5 for the UK, and USDA zones 7 & 8 in the US. That is, survive down to -15 degrees Celsius.

Feel free to join in, or just keep sharing your – the best hashtag on Masto!

For my first I give you
Chionodoxa forbesii
which is also known as ‘Glory of the Snow’.

It’s a fabulous Spring blue, though it’s only 10 cm tall. It looks good at the front of a border, in containers or under deciduous trees. You can also naturalise them in grass, and they will happily self-seed. You can also get pale pink and white Chionodoxa.

In these pictures you will notice a little black beetle on them. This is a pollen beetle. It doesn’t cause any damage to the flowers, and in fact it an important pollinator for Oilseed Rape. Just remember to give any flowers you cut to bring inside, a good shake outside first to dislodge any of these beetles so you don’t end up with them in your house!

#DailyPerennial, Tulipa turkestanica (long post) 

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I thought I'd collate each weeks posts into one blogpost, as it's easier to refer back to them this way, instead of trying to find old toots.

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