My favourite Iris today is:

Iris histroides 'Lady Beatrix Stanley'

It's sky-blue petals shine in the sun. It's a little gem.

@InvaderXan the reticulata irises really are excellent little flowers :)

@GwenfarsGarden I do love irises... I should add them to my list of things to grow sometime!

@InvaderXan I tend to prefer the smaller to medium sized irises. Not so keen on the large bearded irises that flower early summer. Reticulata irises are very happy growing in pots, if you can fit in more pots!

@GwenfarsGarden Unfortunately, my tiny little apartment is currently a little potbound. I’ve been rearranging things lately to try and optimise my available space!

@InvaderXan This is why I think you're awesome.

Really beautiful irises. I had some in my garden growing up ... always a happy day when they bloomed!

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