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El bolchevismo cuenta con un negro historial en perseguir y castigar "los cr铆menes contra la moral revolucionaria".

Como en Cuba, donde el castrismo cre贸 campos de concentraci贸n para reeducar a disidentes, pero principalmente, para "re-vilirizar" a homosexuales.

#Cuba #homofobia

only white men believe in that whole "dead men tell no tales" bullshit bc dead men never shut the fuck up. its 2020 and i still gotta hear about marx and lenin as if i give a shit. pagliacci ass bitches dont shut up in life OR death


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Me despierto durante la noche y pienso en Eastenders. Siempre estoy pensando en Eastenders, siempre... siempre...

Am oan a fuckin fever draim

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Broke: Plato's Republic

Woke: Zeno's Republic

Bespoke: Diogenes shitting in the theatre

homophobia, british soap opera 

so we're just letting the olive lobby have its way with the tl huh

Russian govt blames warm winter on...

*druml roll*

@strnom @GreenandBlack Done. Cats the musical movie monstrosity is real again, Universal lost a shit ton of money, and everything is back to "normal". Except, I became my own grandfather, which explains why I am just the spitting image of myself.

@strnom @GreenandBlack gotta go back in time and prevent myself from killing T.S. Elliot.

dude I can't find Cats playing anywhere, is it out of theatres already?

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