the revolution will not be organized over discord

the revolution will not start with a post on social media

the revolution will not be memed into existence

@GreenandBlack sadly based on the previous actual revolutions, it very well might be. :blobsob:

@GreenandBlack the past few revolutions literally started and got coordinated on Facebook and Twitter, only moving out of these when the aforementioned websites got blocked by the affected governments.

@polychrome there's been a lot of revolutions recently so I'm not sure what you meant by "past few".

And I wasn't objecting to the idea that revolutions can spread or coordinate over social media, just that that's where they start.

E.g. The Arab Spring is often associated with social media, but that's not where they started. They started with the death and murder of innocent people, not with a twitter post saying "why aren't we doing a revolution already? Geez"

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