Periodical reminder that the concept of a "personal carbon footprint" was literally a marketing campaign by British Petroleum

the campaign was launched the exact same year as the Texas City Refinery explosion, which BP was responsible for, just in case you need any further understand of the motives behind the campaign

over the subsequent years, BP would be responsible for a disastrous number of oil spills, most notably in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. This was all just one oil company.

And yet boomers still parrot the "personal carbon footprint" line, like individuals are somehow responsible for the devastation these corporations cause.

hot take: fossil fuel executives should be tried at Den Haag for crimes against humanity

it's much worse of course, because it's a crime against not just humanity but life in general, but we don't have a mechanism for trying "crimes against existence" yet

@GreenandBlack its one of the things I find most offensive, in fact

This idea of "personal responsibility" for things that require systematic change
Recycling, CO2, all those things

It makes me all ⚡

@GreenandBlack There are people who water theire house plants with used pasta water out of guilt for using fresh water.

@Gregor @GreenandBlack how sad that they're either eating bland pasta or killing plants with salty water

@InternetEh @Gregor it mostly got me thinking how much pasta water they have left over? I usually only fill it up to just about cover the pasta

@GreenandBlack @InternetEh @Gregor all of Italy, screaming in unison, that you are cooking pasta wrong

@Gregor I do think recycling grey water is a good thing, but at an individual level it isn't going to do much.

Just as an example of a more collective option: there are places that have constructed wetlands in order to treat their grey water

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