I'm from the old fashioned school of storytelling which holds that stories should be satisfying to experience by themselves. Rather than the more modern school in which a story solely exists to set up a dozen other stories which only exist to set up a dozen other stories which only exist to....


reject cinematic universes

embrace stories that fucking end

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I think Martin Scorsese was being charitable when he compared Marvel movies to theme park rides. They're really more closely comparable to dangling keys in front of your face

@GreenandBlack I really enjoyed Altered Carbon season 1 and I'm making myself not watch season 2 (and pretend that it doesn't exist) because at least this way the show has a good and satisfying ending

@GreenandBlack Absolutely the worst thing about comics for the comics industry to decide to port to film and TV. I expect it to burn out much faster with a wider audience than it did with comics, though

@ghost_bird I don't think it's going to burn out any time soon. People pish themselves over this shit. It's a feature for them, not a bug.

@GreenandBlack I think it gets progressively harder for new people to get interested as the layers of backstory accumulate, which is why comics went from newsstand to weird niche collectibles. It’ll be interesting to see if they can manage that

@GreenandBlack It's funny they're called "cinematic universes" now. Shortly after they launched the modern Marvel movies, I realized I recognized the pattern from my youth. It's how they've done comic books for a long while. In my teens I realized, "This is just super hero soap operas, and the stories and cross overs will never end because they always want more sales ..." πŸ˜†

Anyway, I'm with you. My favorite stories are those that are well told and stand alone. Even in the comic books.

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