Mastodon meta, anarchy 

When I first came to SBC, I was excited by all the ideas people had about anarchy and decentralisation and whatever, I was excited about the idea of a society where everyone can live happily and be equal.

As time went by, I grew to be more and more disappointed by mastodon. If this is anything like how anarchy would work, I am not sure if I have such a positive view of it anymore. I think we still need to work on our ideas and work towards solutions, utopia won't come so easily to us.

In my time here I have come across mountains of unexamined sexism and most of my efforts to have people question their biases didn't seem to have much of an impact. I have seen other users have racist harassment thrown at them. I've seen users just being plain assholes to each other.

It feels like there's still no way to be heard if you're not the majority. People aren't kind to each other.


Mastodon meta, anarchy 

@Some_Person While it has two aspects of anarchy (Federation and decentralization), I wouldn't call Mastodon a functioning anarchy as instances are (for the most part) still hierarchically organized.

Sunbeam, despite being built by anarchists, was still a hierarchical institution - when I joined, non-paying members weren't even allowed to vote.

I think Scuttelbutt is closer to anarchy than fediverse, though I do think fedi is a step in the right direction. The closest we get to anarchy on fedi are single-instance users or small instances where everyone is a mod/admin.

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