I can't stop thinking about the amount of raw emotion in this short piece by the Iranian Anarchist Era Collective about the assassination of Soleimani. has become almost a meme at this point, but in this post they really convey the feeling that phrase is supposed to. The sheer contempt for both the US and Iranian regimes really leaps out at you.





Castilian (Spanish):


I'm going to try and signal boost leftists from the Middle East reacting to the current situation regarding the assassination of Soleimani and the potential US invasion. Now more than ever it's important that we listen to the people with experience rather than giving our own (biased and often western-centric) views on the subject.

I'll update this thread any time I find more.

'Killing Sulaimani - How The Butcher of the People Became an Anti-Imperialist Hero' by Hawzhin Azeez (1/2) 

"You can cheer the end of Sulaimani and still be anti-war. You can condemn the way Sulaimani was executed but still be relieved that he is no longer around to terrorize people. You can be anti-US imperialism and anti-Iranian dictatorship and brutality. Being anti-US imperialism, being anti-Trump’s reckless disregard for humanity does not mean that you should make Sulaimani a symbol of freedom, or Leftist ideology. Sulamani was a butcher. Trump is a dangerous megalomanic. The Ayatollah’s are just as guilty, dripping with the blood of millions across the region funding terrorist groups and proxy wars."

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'Killing Sulaimani - How The Butcher of the People Became an Anti-Imperialist Hero' by Hawzhin Azeez (2/2) 

"Let Sulaimani die the butcher he was, with a fitting illegal end- the same he dished out to thousands-, without turning him into an anti-imperialist hero of the people- and by extension justifying the Iranian regime. The only loyalty you should have should be for the ordinary people of Iran, Iraq and the region. It is 2020, and it is about time we started viewing such issues in all their complexities, realizing that multiple truths can co-exist and that a simplistic analysis serves no one but those hungering for war."

Hawzhin Azeez is a Kurdish Feminist who works as a lecturer at the American University of Iraq. You can read her article in full here:

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Statement by Tudeh Party of Iran 

Tudeh is a Leninist party from Iran, currently forced into diaspora by the repression of the "anti-people" Iranian regime. Here they outline their thoughts on the matter and urge people to call for a de-escalation of conflict, in the hope of preventing further US imperialism in the region, while still making clear their opposition to the Iranian regime.

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@GreenandBlack there was solid analysis on DN a day or two ago lemme see if i can dig it up

@jack @GreenandBlack "Now… they can describe the United States as a state terrorist power."

*now* ?

hmm, i guess those other targeted killings (by drones) were in other countries so far, so it didn't really matter

@jack @GreenandBlack i haven't kept up with news in the past fifteen years

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