@GreenandBlack but kylie jenner needs dresses and jewellery :( think about her needs !!! /s

@GreenandBlack and elon needs... whatever the fuck it is elon uses his money for

@skelltan @GreenandBlack buying companies to call himself founder and pretending he’s an ecological visionary or sth

@skelltan @GreenandBlack And Michael Bloomberg needs his $56 billion net worth so he can spend 1/100th of it on presidential campaign ads.

@GreenandBlack The problem is sadly more complex than 'just throw a lot of money at it'. That's the answer a lot of people want to hear because it's simple and it allows us to blame others for not fixing 'it'... In truth however many people don't actually want to fundamentally change their way of living (myself included, if I'm honest...)

@aetios @GreenandBlack changing lifestyle won't do shit if capitalists are still able to do what ever makes a profit

@radikalgrafitio @aetios aye, the lifestyle changes we as the working class would need to go through in a de-carbonized society are frankly negligible compared to the lifestyle changes the capitalist class would need to go through

@aetios that's kinda what this is saying though; we're unable to solve climate change so long as billionaires continue to exist

@aetios @GreenandBlack Most of the CO2 comes from people who earn much more than the average.
In many areas like e.g. energy generation money can just be invested to increase green energy generation.

@GreenandBlack unfortunately converting $300bn of mostly imaginary assets into $300bn of usable goods and services is kind of a complicated proposition

@aeonofdiscord @GreenandBlack there are a whole lot of goods and services, and carbon emissions, involved in those hundreds of billions that could be reallocated directly, oil refineries that could Just Not, etc

@it_wasnt_arson @GreenandBlack that's def at least partially true but it's also a way bigger logistical problem than just moving the numbers around

@aeonofdiscord of course, but part of the problem is that the people who can do something aren't actually trying

@it_wasnt_arson @aeonofdiscord I feel like rich people actually believe they're just going to move to mars. I don't know how to disabuse them of this except by just confiscating all their rockets. This would require international coordination, however.






@it_wasnt_arson I think when like, literally everyone who could potentially be doing something is instead doing nothing, you kind of have to start looking at it as a systemic failure instead of a series of individual ones. the hypothetical Nice Good Billionaire or Nice Good State with both the will and capacity to fix the problem doesn't just not exist, but basically can't exist

@it_wasnt_arson idk I just get kinda fucked off with the apparent wilful ignorance every time there's a big climate summit or whatever. like everyone says "well, look how bad everything is! they'll surely have to figure something out THIS time!" and it's like, buddy, they won't, you know this

@GreenandBlack Let's not forget that most of the emissions are caused by said rich people

@GreenandBlack seriously ? where are your sources ? as far as I understand it's not just a matter of money : culture change and more equality just to start somewhere don't you think so ?

@titomane where are my sources? they're in the picture... it's literally a picture of the source


@titomane as for culture change and more equality... that's... literally.. what this whole post is about

@GreenandBlack . Oh ok ! I redall. Bloomberg ? ok i'll check, as far as I understand the problem, money is not the solution. Money is not the only part of the solution. But the snapshot is cool 😂

@titomane of course money isn't the only solution, but it's hard to communicate the scale of how to solve such a global all-consuming issue in one picture of two tweets no?

@GreenandBlack : I totally understand that, but I'm desperatly in need of rethink all this stuff. And to achieve this, IMO, I need to redifine MY words and note use THEIR words. As far as I know, money, their virtual money, is not a part of the solution, it's a part of the problem.

@GreenandBlack not only that. You know how many of the richest people it would take to get $300B, while _still_ remaining billionaires?


Fucking three people alone could significantly delay/mitigate climate change while retaining their rich lifestyle.

@GreenandBlack hmmmmmm i just cannot figure out how to stop global warming it is a stumper

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