ukpol, tactical voting 

Do you live in one of these 50 constituencies?

The congratulations! (I guess?) You live in one of the handful of places where your vote actually matters.

Not to say if you live here, you should vote for whoever you want, oh deary me know, what do you think we live in some kind of a functioning democracy?

No. Your job hear is to vote for whichever candidate has the best chance of keeping the tories out. You heard me right. You're not here to vote *for* something, you're here to vote against something...

ukpol, tactical voting 

Don't feel sad that your vote isn't really worth anything though, nobody's does!

Only 16% of people voting tactically are actually voting *for* something, everybody else is voting against something they consider undesirable.


Yes it's true, I'm afraid. We live in a society.

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