@GreenandBlack Nechayev is describing a future ideal social system. Even your most Stalin did nothing wrong died in the wool tankie wouldn't say the Soviet system was a utopia; especially because the Soviet system was quite literally forged to repel an imperialist invading force. of course it was nasty and militaristic

@GreenandBlack there's no way to say what Marx would have thought about the actually existing USSR but it's a different context: a transitional state attempting to do some kind of socialism while surrounded by capitalist powers that desperately want it dead.

@melissasage so the only difference between Nechayev's Barracks Communism and Lenin's Barracks Communism is that Lenin planned something else to come afterwards?

Because that seems like a pretty tenuous distinction

historical animal death mention 

@GreenandBlack The difference is the context tbh. this was the society that Nechayev was shooting for, vs the society that Lenin was forced into by his circumstances.

it's the difference between being forced into eating your dog bc the Nazis are seiging your city and you've run out of food vs thinking that killing and eating your neighbor's pets is cool and good, and that we should strive for a society where you can do that all the time

historical animal death mention 

@melissasage gotcha, thanks for the explanation. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still extremely skeptical of Leninist ideology though :P

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