Broke: Punitive Justice
Woke: Rehabilitative Justice
Bespoke: Restorative Justice


If your justice system focuses on the perpetrators of injustice, not the victims and survivors, then it ain't worth shit.

Conservative punishment advocates and liberal rehab advocates make this same mistake.

Justice *should* be about doing what is best for the victims and survivors, finding a way for them to return to safety and security, in whatever form this takes. But the justice (both punitive and rehabilitative) that hierarchical systems prefer always removes agency from the victims and survivors, in favor of focusing what can be done with the person that committed wrong.

Justice must be practiced from the bottom-up, not the top down.

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@GreenandBlack maybe silly question - how do you achieve prevention without focusing on the perpetrator at least a little bit?


@restioson I'm not saying no focus should be put on the perpetrator, but the focus put on them must be done through the lens of what is best for the victim.

It's not a matter of ignoring the perpetrator completely, more a matter of ensuring that justice works for the people that have been wronged by them.


@restioson basically it needs to be bottom-up, focusing on the victims and survivors and finding out what form of justice works best for them, as opposed to the other top-down forms of justice that completely ignore the victims and survivors and put all the focus on the perpetrators

@nefix what's the difference between Transformative and Restorative Justice?

@GreenandBlack @nefix I don't know if anyone answered that question. AFAIK, restorative and transformative justice are quite alike, but on theoretical level restorative one focuses on restoring the harm made, healing and bringing back the harmony within the community. Transformative one is based on the premise that whenever there is a conflict, it manifests underlying power unbalance and thus conflict is taken as an opportunity to transform power schema.

@mirto @GreenandBlack

Yeah, it's something like this. Transformative justice goes a step further and it tries to change the conditions that enabled the harm in first place. This is, normally, a power difference between the parts. Restorative justice would be inside Transformative justice, in a theoretical level

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