There is open revolt in Iran and for some reason, no one seems to be talking about it.

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sunbeam defederate from the crypto-fascists running challenge

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:dont_at_me: with your fuckin awful takes defending the mullahs' fascist regime

It's pretty fuckin telling when people fetishize a regime actively repressing socialists, anarchists and communists. Just proves they care more about power than actual social change


'President Hassan Rouhani celebrating on the 20th remarked “our people have been victorious against… the enemy’s conspiracy” stating that “Those anarchists who came out onto the streets were few in number,” he said, insisting “this is the biggest display of the power of the nation of Iran”.

Two days later protestors burnt down a bank in Behbahan.'


World leaders are using "anarchist" disparagingly again. This is a good sign


@GreenandBlack this was one of my favorite parts of the whole thing tbh


America: "We would like to persue a war with the goal of regime change"

Also America: "Shit, no, not like that"

@Chickiepup aye, I saw a really good point made that if the US empire was trying to manufacture consent for an invasion, then we would constantly be hearing about this in the news. But instead we're hearing nothing, because of just how fuckin anti-capitalist the protests are in nature

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@GreenandBlack @Chickiepup I mostly agree, but I don’t fuckin get how it works. Like, most journalists aren’t evil or CIA plants or whatever. Most are libs who want to report the news. The process by which Iraq WMD’s got reported basically became clear instantly: the CIA lied, and newspapers believed it. I’m less clear for the process of editorial discretion for HK / Iran / Venezuela / Bolivia (though there I’ve even seen a couple of lib outlets object to the coup)

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@GreenandBlack @NightRose

Liberal media represents the intrests of the buisness class. Coups and conflict get support from the lib media if there is profit to be made.

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@Chickiepup @GreenandBlack right, but I’m interested in how that process actually, materially occurs. It seems to me most Journalists want to “fairly” report the news. Most editors seem to want to give “even” coverage. There is little evidence of direct intervention by owners in most cases (and when there is, it’s a scandal). So is it just owners hire editors who hire journalists who will toe the corporate line? Because it seems like that’s a tenuous way to maintain control.

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@GreenandBlack @NightRose

If you want a more detailed breakdown I reccomend "Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky but yeah you're more or less spot on.

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@GreenandBlack @Chickiepup it was fascinating, however, how quickly Venezuela fell out of the news once that coup failed.

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