"While anarchism is not the social democracy of the Labour Party, we should be aware that we are not going to create an anarchist society between now and December 12th. [...] Some will vote some will not but we can be united in one thing: our absolute hatred of capitalism. A Conservative victory will propel our society even further towards the dreams of the neoliberals. A Labour victory will not result in an end to capitalism. For all the talk of ‘socialism’, Labour has spent the last few years courting the business community who they will rely on in power. If you vote for Labour, you vote not just for the bits of their manifesto you agree with but those that you find abhorrent. That’s the awful deal offered to the public in liberal democracy. Labour will present a radically different alternative to the public but it will not result in the destruction of capitalism. What it will do is provide us with a rest from the worst horrors of economic inequality."

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