Apparently the police banned Extinction Rebellion protests...

fuckin lol

XR: "We plan to cause civil disobedience"

Cops: "B-b-b-b-b-ut that's illegal!"

@GreenandBlack so the police we love you chants didn't work you're saying

@GreenandBlack Oh no they're breaking laws, let's do some new laws to stop them!

@GreenandBlack Isn't XR the ones who were trying to get people arrested on purpose as a form of "protest" anyway?

@Deiru aye, dunno why the cops feel so threatened by them tbh, they're doing their job for them

@fortunos @GreenandBlack I suggested this at a recent DemSoc meeting coordinating a protest and they told me to leave. :D

@GreenandBlack I hope that makes the XR realize that the cops are not their friends.

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